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2019 March Menu

Menu 2019 March Menu
  • Mise en Bouche
  • Crab Meat Ravioli, Mackerel Fillet,
    Grilled Buckwheat, Poultry Broth, Celery and Blood Orange
  • Scallops from Normandy Coast, Aromatic Sauce,
    Leek and Spinach, Slice of Bacon
  • Bourbonnais Lamb : Roasted Chop and Simmered Neck,
    Split Peas, Yellow Beet, Bulgur with Coriander and Ginger
  • Cheeses From Auvergne
  • Accord n°1:
    Exotic Fruits, Citrus Fruits and Gluten-free Gourmet Biscuit
65 €
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