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2023 September Menu

Menu 2023 September Menu
  • Appetizer
  • Normandy Coast Skate Wing, Herbs and Capers Condiment,
    Fine Vegetable Jelly, Watermelon Marinated in Verjuice
  • Hake from the Brittany Coast, Poultry Sauce with Parsley,
    Coco de Paimpol Beans, Thinly Sliced Vegetables with Vire Andouille, Kumquat
  • Candied Auvergne Pork, Smoked Gravy,
    Pork Shank of Crosmesqui, Rhubarb, Potato Cooked in Hay Broth
  • Delicious Auvergne Cheeses
  • Composition n°2 :
    Damson Plum, “Pain Brûlé” and Vanilla
89 €
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