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2019 July Menu

Menu 2019 July Menu
  • Mise en Bouche
  • Duck Liver « Foie Gras Plaine de Limagne » with Crispy Rye,
    Confit Duck Leg with Kumquat and Tarragon, Fresh Herbs and Buckwheat
  • Hake from Guilvinec Fishing Port, Fresh Juice with Aromatic Condiments,
    Vegetables of July, Courgette and Red Pepper
  • Saddle of Bourbonnais Lamb,
    Lamb Confit in a Marinated Eggplant, « Date-Lemon » Condiment
  • Cheeses From Auvergne
  • Accord n°1:
    Apricot, Thyme and Meringue
65 €
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