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We hope to make you share our passion of the cooking by emphasizing the authentic products of committed professionals. Some people are moreover, Breton wholesale fish merchants, Burgundian wine growers, Norman cidriers and the others, the cheese makers, the truck farmers, the beekeepers are from here, at the heart of the Volcanoes of Auvergne. They honour our region and incite us to become charmingly locavores...

Our products are natural, they reflect our commitment and our love of cooking

Show menus
  • Auvergne Duck Foie Gras, Rhubarb Marmalade and Condiment, Crunchy Gingerbread 40 €
  • April Harvest: Roasted Green Asparagus, Morels, Soft and Crispy Potato, Wild Garlic, Hazelnut Oil 38 €
  • Langoustines from the Brittany Coast Roasted with Thyme, Langoustine Broth with Star Anise, Langoustines Tartar with Sologne Caviar on Toast, Spinach, Mango and Lime 45 €
  • Lamb from Auvergne: Grilled Ribs, Crispy Lamb Necklace, Artichoke, Black Garlic, Beetroot, Anchovy Condiment, Lamb Gravy with Candied Lemon 52 €
  • Whole Pigeon de Racan: Suprêmes Roasted, Confit Legs, Wing Tips in Raviole, Steamed White Asparagus, Potato, Pigeon Gravy 54 €
Fish and shellfish
  • Fillet of Sole from the Normandy Coast Cooked in Sparkling Butter, Carrots flavoured with "Café-Cardamom", Leek, Roasted Orange 52 €
  • Hake from the Brittany Coast, “Lemongrass-Coconut” Poultry Broth, Peas, Spring Onion, Coriander, Passion Fruit Acidity 50 €
  • Delicious Cheeses from Auvergne 19 €
  • Composition n°1 :  Organic Dark Chocolate, Vanilla and Espelette Pepper 19 €
  • Composition n°2 : Apple, Verbena and Buckwheat 19 €
  • Composition n°3 : Citrus Fruits, Meringue and Pecan Nuts 19 €
The Great Dessert
  • The large dessert in three courses with various Chocolates and Seasonal Fruits 26 €
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