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We hope to make you share our passion of the cooking by emphasizing the authentic products of committed professionals. Some people are moreover, Breton wholesale fish merchants, Burgundian wine growers, Norman cidriers and the others, the cheese makers, the truck farmers, the beekeepers are from here, at the heart of the Volcanoes of Auvergne. They honour our region and incite us to become charmingly locavores...

Our products are natural, they reflect our commitment and our love of cooking

Show menus
  • Beef Tongue in Aspic, Vegetables Marinated in Verjuice, Horseradish Condiment, Charroux Mustard Vinaigrette 31 €
  • Scallops from the Normandie Coasts just Roasted, “Endive-Pear”, Poiré Condiment, Dried Fruit Vinaigrette 36 €
  • Escalope of Foie Gras “Plaine de Limagne” Pan-fried, Emulsion and Consommé of Winter Mushrooms with Black Melanosporum Truffle 44 €
  • Organic Beef Fillet, Beef Cheek in Puff Pastry, Celery and Black Truffle Pulp Melonosporum 54 €
  • Roast Duckling, Leg Confit with Aromatic Herbs in Ravioli served with a Mushroom Consommé, Buckwheat Gnocchi, Pan-fried Crosnes 47 €
Fish and shellfish
  • Steamed Cod from the Brittany Coast, Fine Vegetable Jelly, Watercress Sauce, Creamy Potato, Leek, Herring, Ginger and Condiment 47 €
  • John Dory from the Brittany Coast Roasted, “Coques-Yuzu” Broth, Caramelized and Crunchy Carrots, Kumquat Pickles 49 €
  • Delicious Cheeses from Auvergne 19 €
  • Accord n°1 : Dark and White Chocolates, Clementine 19 €
  • Accord n°2 : Marsat apple, Chestnut and Buckwheat 18 €
  • Accord n°3 : Coconut, Pineapple and Hazelnut 18 €
The Great Dessert
  • The large dessert in three courses with various Chocolates and Seasonal Fruits 23 €