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Asparagus, langoustines, Morels... are under projectors. The Sweet agreements also follow the tempo and reserve some beautiful surprises. Regale us!

We hope to make you share our passion of the cooking by emphasizing the authentic products of committed professionals. Some people are moreover, Breton wholesale fish merchants, Burgundian wine growers, Norman cidriers and the others, the breeders, the cheese makers, the beekeepers are from here, at the heart of the Volcanoes of Auvergne. They honour our region and incite us to become charmingly locavores...

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Net prices excluding drinks, taxes and service included - All our meat is selected, raised and slaughtered in France. Our restaurant is closed on Saturdays for lunch and on Sundays and Mondays all day.


Spécial week-end Fête des Mères !

Ouverture exceptionnelle de notre restaurant le dimanche 4 juin 2023

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