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2019 September Menu

Menu 2019 September Menu
  • Mise en Bouche
  • Mackerel from Guilvinec Fishing Port Marinated with Lime,
    Cherry Tomato and Sorbet, Young Crunchy Fennel
  • Cod from Guilvinec Fishing Port Steames, Vegetable Juice with Tarragon,
    September Vegetables, Vinegared Cucumber, Olive Condiment
  • Pigeon Supreme Roasted, Leg Confit with Herbs, Pigeon Gravy,
    Coco de Paimpol Beans, Beetroot and Rasberries
  • Cheeses From Auvergne
  • Accord n°1:
    Plum, Cinnamon and Hazelnut
65 €
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