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2020 February Menu

Menu 2020 February Menu
  • Appetizer
  • Oysters from Saint-Vaast et Mussels from Mont Saint-Michel,
    Leek and Fresh Seaweed, Crusty Bread, Andouille from Vire and Grapefruit
  • Monkfish from Brittany Marinated in Sweet Steam, Creamy Brandade,
    Blond Peas from Planèze of Serge Ramadier, Potatoes with Organic Safran from Cesset, Vegetal Juice
  • Duckling Roasted with Spices, Thigh Candied with Aromatics, Duck Liver Cream,
    Beetroot from Gerzat, Grilled Buckwheat
  • Delicious Cheeses from Auvergne
  • Accord n°3 :
    Savarin, Pineapple and Rum
68 €
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