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2024 July Menu

Menu 2024 July Menu
  • Appetizer
  • July Harvest: Peas, Carrot Sorbet and Crunchy Carrot,
    Vegetable Paste, Herb Oil
  • Monkfish from the Brittany Coast rubbed with Espelette Pepper and Herbs, Acidulated Tarragon Juice,
    Tomato, Sweet and Sour Peppers served with a Creamy Monkfish Cheek Sauce
  • Bourbonnais Lamb : Roasted Chop and Simmered Neck,
    Courgette-Mint, Semoula, Cherry Vinegar and Marmalade
  • Delicious Auvergne Cheeses
  • Composition n°2 :
    Peach, Baba Biscuit and Vanilla
89 €
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