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2022 September Menu

Menu 2022 September Menu
  • Appetizer
  • Skate Wing from the Brittany Coast, Emulsion with Organic Cottage Cheese from the Tourette Farm,
    Lemon Condiment, Cucumber & Green Apple, Seaweed Vinaigrette
  • Monkfish from the Brittany Coast, Shellfish with Lemongrass Sauce,
    Cocos de Paimpol, Courgette with Herbs, Pan-fried Cuttlefish, Passion Fruit Condiment, Kumquat
  • Guinea Fowl from Auvergne Cooked on the Skin, Smoked Juice,
    Beetroot, Onion, Fine Mousseline
  • Delicious Auvergne Cheeses
  • Accord n°3 :
    Plum, Whipped Cream, Verbena and Almond
85 €
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