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EN – Le Pigeon Entier, en deux services: Les Suprêmes Cuits sur la Peau, les Cuisses Confites, Artichaut, Gouttes d’Ail Noir PLes Abbatis en Ravioles servies dans un Consommé au Lard Fumé

Radio is the hotel of those who look for a particular place, remote from codes too much normalized by the hotel and catering industry. Here, the architecture and the decoration tell a true story. The WiFi is accesible and free but the wrought iron elevator is smaller. The private parking is free but there are no codes to be typed and no barrier to be closed. RADIO has kind defects but has precious assets: the welcome is really smiling, jams of our breakfast are really house, the orange juice is really pressed...

And especially our customers are in the center of everything....

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