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Cuisine Degustation

Menu Cuisine Degustation
  • Appetizer
  • Auvergne Duck Foie Gras,
    Rhubarb Marmalade, Gingerbread Powder, Honey Crunch
  • Crispy Brittany Coast Langoustine and Lettuce,
    Blackcurrant and Cucumber, Crushed Herbs from our Kitchen Garden, Elderberry Acidity
  • Turbot from the Brittany Coast Confit at 46° in an Aromatic Oil, Verbena Bouillon,
    Peas, Artichoke Pulp and Caramelised Artichoke
  • Organic Veal Fillet Cooked in Sparkling Butter, Sweet Lemongrass Sauce,
    Girolles, Candied Potatoes with Thyme
  • Delicious Cheeses from Auvergne
  • « Fruits Theme » with Seasonal Fruits for Vitamin and Freshness
  • « Chocolate Theme » Various Kinds of Chocolates for Enjoyment and Sweetness …
125 €
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