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Cuisine Degustation

Menu Cuisine Degustation
  • Appetizer
  • Auvergne Duck Foie Gras,
    Blackberries and Dried Fruit, Crunchy Sourdough Bread
  • Pan-fried Porcini Mushrooms served with a Grilled Puff Pastry,
    Creamy Mushrooms, Parsley Ice Cream with Sweet Garlic
  • Sea Bass from the Normandy Coast, Mussels from Mont St Michel,
    Leek, Touch of Smoked Herring, Poultry Gravy
  • Pan-fried Organic Veal, Pastilla with Dried Fruits,
    Potato with Aromats, Pear Marmalade with Cardomom
  • Delicious Cheeses from Auvergne
  • « Fruits Theme » with Seasonal Fruits for Vitamin and Freshness
  • « Chocolate Theme » Various Kinds of Chocolates for Enjoyment and Sweetness …
120 €
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